Welcome to 16th Brampton Traditional Scouting

Serving the youth of Brampton in the original way of Scouting by the founder Lord Baden Powell. Our aim is to promote good citizenship and physical, mental and spiritual development, and training in habits of observation, discipline, self-reliance, loyalty and useful skills.

We are members of the Canadian Federation of Independent Scouts (C.F.I.S. Canada) and as such are not in competition with any other Canadian Scouting Associations, we are only their brothers. We are affiliated with the Baden Powell Scouts Association of England.

Traditional Explorers believes that everyone deserves a chance to participate.

Traditional Explorers offers those with curiosity, energy and independence
of spirit to reach their potential by doing in a positive learning environment
of mutual respect and cooperation.

Definition of the word “ SCOUTING”.
is the work and attributes of Backwoodsmen, Explorers and Frontiersmen.