Age: 11 – 14 years old

Explorers learn through hands on indoor activates and outdoors training.Camping, hiking, canoeing, backwoodsman skills and backpacking are just a few of their many activities. Explorers operate in Patrols of 6-8, lead by a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader sharing responsibility with an adult leader.

Patrols plan food and camp activities for their camps and outings.
Patrol Leaders help with training of new or less experienced members as well
as being members of the “COURT of HONOR” that govern the rules that the
Explorer section operates under. Explorers have a wide variety of badges and
awards for the youth to work on and earn.

EXPLORERS 2014 - 2015 Events Outline
September 3rd  Pool Party (group Registration)
  10th  bike ride (loafer's lake)
  17th  in school - Registration night 7.30 - 9.00 St. Agnes
  24th  in school
October 1st  in school
  7th  2nd registration night St. Agnes (Tuesday night)
  8th  In school Vesey's order last day to hand in forms
  15th  In school
  TBA  Fall camp
  22nd  In school
  29th  Halloween party
November 5th  In school
  TBA  Vesey'sorder pick up
  9th  Remembrance day parade
  11th  Uniform to school
  12th  In school
  19th  In school
  TBA  Christmas parade Shoppers World
  26th  In school
December 3rd  In school
  10th  last meeting of the year in school
  17th  Toboggan night
     Christmas Break
January 7th  First meeting back in school
  14th  Skate night
  21st  In school
  29th  In school
TBA  Laser Quest or Jump zone
February 4th  In school
11th  In school
18th  In school
21st  Timber Car races (Provincial races TBA)
25th  In school
TBA  Winter Camp
March 4th  In school
10th  Timber Cars group races in school (Tuesday night)
16th - 20th  March Break no meeting
25th  In school
Apr 1st  in school
8th  in school
15th  Night Hike
22nd  in school
TBA  Spring camp
29th  in school
May 6th  In school
13th  In school
20th  last meeting In school
27th  Pool party
June 12th - 14th  Jamboree (location to be advised)
  19th - 21st  Fun camp (TBA)