Sr. Explorers


Age: 15 - 17 years old

Sr. Explorers become more responsible for their own programme and planning ideas, while providing service to the community as well as to help with the Otter, Timber Wolves & Explorers sections.

Sr. Explorers also have a badge and award programme which has an emphasis on a more personal level of achievement.

SR. EXPLORERS 2011 - 2012 Events Outline
September 15th  Hike
  21st  Registration night St Agnes
  28th  in school
October 4th  2nd registration night
  5th  In school
  12th  In school
  TBA  McMillan form back
  19th  In school
  26th  Halloween party
November 2nd  In school
  TBA  McMillan order pick up
  6th  Remembrance day parade
  9th  In school
  16th  In school
  TBA  Christmas parade Shoppers World
  23rd  In school
  30th  In school
December 7th  In school
  14th  Toboggan night
     Christmas Break
January 4th  First meeting back in school
  11th  In school
  18th  In school
  25th  In school
TBA  Laser Quest
February 1st  In school
8th  In school
15th  In school
19th  Timber Car races (Bramalea City Centre)
22nd  In school
TBA  Winter Camp
29th  In school
March 7th  In school
12th - 16th  March Break no meeting
21st  In school
28th  In school
Apr 4th  In school
11th  In school
18th  In school
25th  Night Hike
TBA  Spring camp
May 2nd  In school
9th  In school
16th  In school
23rd  In school
30th  In school
June 6th  Bike ride
  TBA  Jamboree